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       Jinan Zhonghui Machinery Manufacture Co,. Ltd is founded in the year 2009. We are a professional factory focus on the design, manufacture and technical service of soap, glycerin and fatty acid equipment. Our company has passed the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification. We can provide turn--key project, including the technique design, machine fabrication, workshop layout, machine installation & commissioning, staff training, etc. Our products have been exported to more than 46 countries and regions all over the world.

        At our factory’s 10 years anniversary celebration, we establish Shandong Zhonghui International Trading Co,. Ltd. under our customers’ requirements. So now we can offer not only the machine and the production formula, but also the matched equipment and the necessary materials, for example packing machine, steam boiler, generator and the soap noodles, caustic soda, perfume, colorant, etc.   

       Zhonghui Machinery and Zhonghui International will work together to provide customers the excellent quality equipment and the comprehensive service.  


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       As the professional bar soap machine manufcature factory,we focus on only bar soap making machine more than 12 years. our customer nearly all over the word.more and more customer know "zhonghui Machinery" and more and more customer choose cooperate with "Zhonghui Machinery".





  • Responding to the country's Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Helping more African customers to build their own soap factories  

  • Use machinery to realize more and more easy soap production.

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