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Best soap drying -- Vacuum drying system
Time:2021-04-26 13:17
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The vacuum dryer is the most advanced equipment in the world, which is designed and produced by our company specifically for soaps with different fatty acid content in the oil production line. Its working principle is to use the lowering of the boiling point of water under vacuum, so that the soap base evaporates the water in it at low temperature to achieve the purpose of cooling and hardening, and it is extruded into soap noodles (semi-finished products) by the soap noodle machine.


1. The inner wall of the cylinder of the equipment is processed by a vertical lathe, the soap flakes after vacuum drying are thinner, the moisture content is more uniform, and the cooling is faster, which improves the quality of the soap flakes;

2.  Adopt Guomao vertical hard-tooth helical gear reducer motor, automatic lubrication, three scrapers are installed on the main shaft, so that the inner wall of the cylinder is not easy to accumulate material and easy to clean;

3. The inside of the dryer can be installed with nozzles of different specifications, spray evenly on the inner wall of the cylinder, cooperate with the scraper, and evenly scrape the dried soap flakes on the cylinder wall into the soap noodle machine, and then extrude them into soap noodles.

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