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Oil hydrolysis process is the first step to produce fatty acid. With this line, oil would be separated into fatty acid and glycerin by the high pressure and high temperature. When production capacity is low, single tower and low pressure technique is adopted since its low investment and fast yield. But the big disadvantage is the high production cost. So when the capacity is big, it is better to choose the high pressure continuous hydrolysis equipment. Through the investment at the beginning is high, but the operation cost is quite low and easy. Recently, many companies have changed their hydrolysis line to this continuous style.

Our company have the technique and design for all these three different lines, which is the low pressure single tower line, high pressure single tower line and then continuous high pressure line. For the continuous hydrolysis line, we developed the DCS control system, which makes the whole hydrolysis process controlled by meters. This design reduced the staff cost and make the production quite stable. But some clients from developing countries think maintenance of so many meters is difficult, so we have the design with half meter and half manual control system.

Based on the clients’ requirements, we can supply you the hydrolysis lines as below:

Single tower low pressure line, capacity 5-30 ton/day;

Single tower high pressure line, capacity 5-30 ton/day;

Continuous high pressure line, capacity 20-100 ton/day.

With many years actual production experience, our design is professional and practical. We would give you the most suitable design with lowest investment and smallest production cost, while highest profit

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