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ZHP-320 Pillow-type double frequency conversion automatic packaging machine is an important process in the production of soap, soap, and transparent soap. The finished soap and soap that are cut and printed by the cutting machine or printer are individually packaged. Its working principle is to use the photoelectric induction system of the sensor and the control system of the servo motor, and use the conveyor belt to transport the finished soap to the position of the packaging film, and transmit the induction signal through the sensor, so that the control system can control the soap and toilet soap within a certain length range. Packing and edge sealing.


1. The equipment is controlled by dual inverters, and the length range and sealing and cutting position of the packaging film can be adjusted according to customer needs, without manual adjustment, the data is accurate, time and labor and film saving;

2. Set up the man-machine interface, the parameter setting is convenient and quick, and it is clear at a glance;

3. The packaging interface adopts an independent temperature control system, suitable for packaging materials of various materials, and the positioning of the sealing knife is accurate, the knife is not sticky, the sealing is beautiful, and the maintenance is convenient.

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