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From oils produce out soap noodle or end soap process


Complete Set of Soap Production Plant

Main Material: ① Vegetable oils or animal fats, such as palm oil, cotton seed oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil;

② Caustic soda (NaOH);

①+②=all oils +NaOH= liquid soap →vacuum drying (soild flakes)→pelletizing (soap noodle)


Basic production process:

Oil melting & mixing (based on formula requirements)→ Saponification (no waste-water discharge)→Vacuum drying &Pelletizing (produce out soap noodles)→ Soap finishing line (produce out end bar soaps)


Based on customers' requirements, we can supply the different kinds of soap making line starting from soap noodle or from oils and caustic soda. We have our special design and patents for some of the related machine. Especially, for the equipment with oil as material, we adopt the technique of batch saponification, continuous vacuum drying and fully automatic end bar making, which has many advantages, such as operation simpler, requiring smaller warehouse size, consuming less energy, saving labor work, and can produce out high quality soaps with a big range of different fatty acid content from 45% to 80%.


Now just for Soap Noodle Production Line

This is a line specially designed for the customers that planned to sell the semi product soap noodles directly to the market. The basic process includes oil de-coloring & refining, oil saponifying, vacuum drying and pelletizing to produce out the soap noodles. End soap noodle could be different quality grade with fatty acid content range 50%~80%. And the soap noodle would have even size and smooth appearance, which ensures its high competitive ability in the market.

Capacity range: 800~3000kg/h


XSD-1200 Vacuum Spray Dryer Vacuum Drying System 


Working Principles

This vacuum dryer is the key equipment for the complete soap production line with oil as material, it can produce out the soap noodles or end soaps with a wide range of fatty acid content among 40-80%. It is the most advanced technique all over the world. Basic principle is that the water boiling temperature would be reduced in vacuum environment, so the drying barrel create a vacuum space, when the liquid soap base is sprayed onto the inner surface of the barrel, the moisture contained would be evaporated out, and the liquid soap would become solid then be scrapped down by knives and pelletized out into soap noodles.




1. Being processed by vertical machining centre,the inner surface of the barrel is smooth as glass, so the dried soap flakes would have even thickness, structure and moisture content;

2. The motor is GUOMAO brand, vertical hard tooth reducer, which have the device of auto-lubrication, ensures the stable and quite performance;

3. The main shaft have three sets of knives at the top, middle and bottom position, which ensures a thorough scrap down of the flakes;

4. The nozzle can be different diameter and spraying speed would be even and well matched with the knives.




Product name


 vacuum spray dryer 






 stainless steel 304




Roll diameter



Roll speed









Jinan Zhonghui Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd is founded in 2009, headquarters is located in Jinan, and our production plant is located in Yucheng,Dezhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. We are a professional factory focus on the technique design, manufacture and technical service of laundry soap,toilet soap,oil hydrolysis and fatty acid distillation equipment.


Our soap equipment has a comprehensive range,the production of raw material can be used as (oil+NaOH)or soap noodle are available. The capacity of equipment ranges from 200-5000kg per hour. Our production process energy saving and consumption reduction,without three waste emissions,eco-friendly sustainable development.


Our company has passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification. We have finished the registration of “ZHONGHUI” brand as our trademark;
We have got several patents for our soap machine design and fabrication function.


Our products has alrealy been exported to more than 50 countries and regions all over the world.Our customer group is getting bigger and bigger, many new customers comes to us by the old customers' introduction or heard about the project we have built.


Now besides the soap machine, we can also supply the related machine & equipment and the production consumption materials, such as steam boiler, generator, soap packing machine and soap noodles, soap packing material, caustic soda, perfume, colorant, calcium powder, AES, EDTA, etc.


Packaging & Delivery


40% deposit by T/T. When production finished, the buyer may send engineer to our company to test the machines and make the trial-product. Then buyer would pay the 60% balance by T/T before machines leaving the factory.



Our machines are all be wrapped PE film or bubble film then packed in wooden cases finally put in containers.

We adhere to QC management strictly control product quality process,each machine is need to undergo serveral running test before loading to ensure that machines arrived at customer's factory can operate well normally. 

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