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This vacuum spray dryer is the key equipment for the complete soap production line with oil as material, it can produce out the soap noodles or end soaps with a wide range of fatty acid content among 40-80%. It is the most advanced technique all over the world.

Basic principle is that the water boiling temperature would be reduced in vacuum environment, so the drying barrel create a vacuum space, when the liquid soap base is sprayed onto the inner surface of the barrel, the moisture contained would be evaporated out, and the liquid soap would become solid then be scrapped down by knives and pelletized out into soap noodles.


1. Being processed by vertical machining centre,the inner surface of the barrel is smooth as glass, so the dried soap flakes would have even thickness, structure and moisture content;

2. The motor is GUOMAO brand, vertical hard tooth reducer, which have the device of auto-lubrication, ensures the stable and quite performance;

3. The main shaft have three sets of knives at the top, middle and bottom position, which ensures a thorough scrap down of the flakes;

4. The nozzle can be different diameter and spraying speed would be even and well matched with the knives.


Product name 

vaccum spray dryer




stainless steel 304



Roll diameter


Roll speed




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