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The double soap noodle machine is to grind, refine and squeeze the soap noodles after vacuum drying to improve the transparency and quality of the soap. Its working principle is to use the transmission of the spiral blade to make the soap noodles fully contact and squeeze inside the cylinder wall. The rotating screw blade, its own weight and the friction between the shell and the shell make the soap noodles move forward and transport. To the muzzle, it is cut into granules by the orifice scraper on the nose to become soap nuggets (semi-finished products).


1. The body of the equipment adopts a welded frame, which has a compact structure and beautiful appearance;

2. The use of thick-walled cold drawn seamless steel pipes as the cylinder and the circulating water cooling of the spiral blades ensure the high quality requirements for soap nuggets;

3. Adopt variable frequency speed regulating motor, simple and reliable, high speed regulating efficiency, wide range, harder mechanical characteristics and low noise;

4. It adopts transmission deceleration and separation, convenient maintenance and long service life.

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