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The soap single screw vacuum stripping machine is one of the important equipment in the soap forming line. It refines, exhausts, and squeezes the ground soap flakes, and changes the order of the molecules in the soap material under vacuum to make the strips The soap is more delicate and transparent. Its working principle is to use the spiral gear blades, its own weight and the friction between the shell to make the soap material continuously move forward, convey to the machine mouth plate, and form the strip.


  1. The body of the equipment adopts steel structure welded parts, with compact structure and beautiful appearance;

  2. The use of thick-walled cold-drawn seamless steel pipe as the cylinder body and the circulating water cooling of the spiral blades ensure the high quality requirements for the soap material;

  3. The inner part of the cylinder that contacts the soap material is made of high-quality stainless steel (304), which has strong corrosion resistance;

  4. The baffle part of the outlet end of the machine can be processed into the required shape and size according to the needs of users, and output various specifications of soap;

  5. Adopt variable frequency speed regulating motor, simple and reliable, high speed regulating efficiency, wide range, harder mechanical characteristics and low noise;

  6. It adopts transmission deceleration and separation, convenient maintenance and long service life.

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