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The electronic soap dicing machine is an intelligent rolling printing and cutting product, which continuously rolls printing and dicing the soap bars extruded by the vacuum extruder. Its working principle is to use the soap bar extruded by the strip machine to drive the roller printing wheel to rotate, and according to the designed electronic cursor tracking system, the rotation of the roller printing wheel is detected, and the signal is transmitted to the servo motor control system to control the servo motor to drive the cutting wheel. The rotation of the block wheel can realize soap cutting of any size and length.


1. The roller printing wheel of the equipment relies on the soap bar extruded by the vacuum strip machine to drive the rotation of the roller printing wheel. The two rollers are driven by bevel gears, which are light in weight and have good shock absorption and lubrication performance, ensuring the upper and lower two The printing wheel rotates synchronously, the printed font or pattern is aligned up and down, and the font is clear;

2. The roller printing wheel can design a variety of fonts and patterns according to the different needs of customers, and can accurately produce soaps of various specifications and various weights;

3. The electronic cursor tracking system is adopted, and the photoelectric sensor is used to obtain the operation signal. The processor used can switch the cutting length of soap at will according to the needs of customers. At the same time, the cutting point of the cutting wheel can be adjusted to ensure that the cutting surface of the soap is vertical and Beautiful.

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