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Vertical stamper will continuously extrude the soap bars from the vacuum dispenser and cut them into a certain length of soap base by the cutting machine, and then automatically send them to the top soap bar of the printer, and the top soap bar will deliver the soap base. To the printing mold, through the horizontal extrusion of the printing mold, combined with the rotary movement of the rotary mold and the rotation of the suction cup, the soap base is continuously and well cut, formed, and printed, and the excess is removed by the trimmer. The soap edge is removed, and it is transported to the vacuum strip machine through the return conveyor belt for reprocessing.


1. The equipment adopts a conjugate disc-shaped indexing cam mechanism, which has high movement precision and low impact in printing work, and is more suitable for higher-speed printing operations, ensuring that the soap has small mold clamping traces and beautiful and beautiful;

2. The suction cup adopts a vacuum method to suck out the printed soap from the rotating mold, and continues to suck the soap to the conveyor belt. There is refrigerant circulation in the mold, and the soap is easy to demold;

3. For the different requirements of different customers for soap, it can make and replace soap molds with different specifications, different patterns, and different weights to produce various types of soaps with high production efficiency;

4. Equipped with a soap edge trimmer to make the soap body of the finished soap clean, smooth and beautiful, and it can be directly packaged.

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