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The soap roll printing and cutting machine is an excellent product of mechanical roll printing type soap produced by our company. It continuously and automatically rolls and cuts the soap bars extruded by the vacuum extruder. Its working principle is to rely on the driving force of the soap bar to rotate the printing wheel and the cutting wheel on the cutting machine. According to the way that the two printing wheels and the cutting wheel rotate in different directions and the speed is the same, the font and the cutting wheel of the soap bar can be changed. The printing of the pattern is advanced, segmented and cut to meet the different needs of customers.


1. The equipment adopts a purely mechanical operation mode, relying on the soap bar of the dispenser to drive the roller printing wheel of the cutting machine to rotate, thereby driving the synchronous rotation of the cutting wheel, no other power consumption, durable and not easy to damage , Easy to operate and easy to repair;

2. The distance between the two rollers can be adjusted up and down according to the thickness of the soap, so that the printed soap patterns are clear, smooth and beautiful;

3. The sprocket and chain drive mode is adopted to ensure that the rotation speed of the cutting wheel and the printing wheel are the same, so that the cutting wheel is cut exactly in the middle of the two patterns;

4. The fixed direction of the cutting wheel is adjustable, and different directions correspond to cut out soaps of different angles to meet the customer's requirements for the vertical edge of the soap and increase the aesthetics.

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