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The soap printer uses the soap bar extruded by the vacuum extruder to squeeze the soap bar horizontally through the printing die, continuously and well cutting the soap bar, forming and printing. Its working principle is to use the principle of the crank connecting rod mechanism to convert the rotary motion of the crank into the linear motion of the soap printing mold, and to cut and print the soap bar through the reciprocating movement of the mold.


1. The equipment uses linear guide rails when conveying soap bars to ensure the smoothness of movement;

2. The movement mode of the mold during printing adopts a crank connecting rod mechanism, which not only eliminates vibration and noise during printing, but also improves the service life and production efficiency of the machine;

3. For the different requirements of different customers on soap, we can make and replace soap molds with different specifications, different patterns, and different weights to produce various types of soaps;

4. The printer is used in conjunction with the freezer unit (-15℃~-20℃) to cool the mold in real time, so that the soap body and the mold are completely separated, preventing the adhesion of the soap body and the mold and affecting the appearance and quality of the soap;

5. The soap mold is precisely processed by forging copper material, with high smoothness, long life, clear soap body trademark pattern, and refrigerant gap inside.

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