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This is an advanced model of stamping machine, used to stamp out the end soaps from the cut long bar with the required size, shape, logo, pattern and weight. The cavities could be 3~6 PCS. Edge trimmer is equipped to remove the soap edges, which would be recycled back to the plodder automatically by conveyor belts. This machine is highly intelligent and automatic, which greatly reduces labor costs. 
1.Delicate design of Cam Mechanism make the stamping movement smooth, stable and low impact, which is more suitable for high speed working;
2.Exquisite sand blasting copper mould, together with circulating chilling agent in the inter-layer, ensure the end soap would have small stamping line, smooth surface and clear logo;
3.Soap mould change is simple and convenient, so can produce various kinds of soap with different shape, size, logo and weight;
4.Soap edges is removed automatically,so soap body is clean and can be fed into the follow packing system continuously.

 Technical Parameters 

Product nametoilet soap vertical stamping machine
Stamping speed3-5pcs,50-60times/min
Soap weight10-300g

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