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This electronic soap printing & cutting machine is an advanced model. It has all the functions same as simple cutting machine. Soap electronic cutting machine is used to cut soaps into cakes and stamp patterns on the soap. Adopt Yaskawa servo motor and converter to keep high accuracy.

The mould wheels running by the moving of soap bar extruded from vaccum plodder.Besides, the biggest advantage is that this model is controlled by micro-computer, hence by inputting different figures on the touchscreen, the cut soap length would be easily changed. It is more suitable for the customers that need produce various sizes of soap from the same product line.


1.YASKAWA Servo Motor and control module are adopted, together with the automatic alarming and stopping system, makes the machine more intelligent and easier for operation;

2.Printing mould is made by aluminum alloy, which is anti worn and logo printed is more clearer and delicate;

3.Electronic laser tracking and photoelectric sensor system makes the change for different soap length and weight convenient and accurate.

【Technical Parameters】

Product name 

  laundry soap electronic

  printing& cutting machine







Dimension &Weight of the soap 


 Soap size, pattern, weight and logo       would all be designed based on     customers’ requirement












  one set 

Soap type





  safe,intelligent,easy operation

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