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Basic characteristics

1. The main drum is driven by servo motor, which ensures the stable production and accurate adjustment

2. Feeding is by stroke plunger pump, the accuracy would be 0.02ml, and feeding system is anti-corrossin and long life-span

3. CNC one- piece molding mould, ensure the precise and consistant of the pods shape, meanwhile, it is much easier for cleaning and maintenance

4. Unique watery feeling structure can reduce the sealing temperature and barely inflenced the film’s solvent ability

5. Noth the horizontal and vertical cutting structre of the finished pods are movable, which is designed to be at the synchronous speed of the drum, so the cutting would have elegant shape and reduce film waste

6. PLC controlling system ensures the simple operation.

7. Controlling system is by DC24V insulated power, which is separated from the main power by transformer, and well connected to the ground, so the safety degree is high

Technical Parameters

Model No.


Power installed


PVA Film size

Dimater: 400~ 600mm, inner core diameter is 3 inch


1000~1100 pods/min(3 cavity liquid);

Pod size range

6-30g (accept special order out of the range)

Molds quantity

16 cavities * 40~50 lines (rated at 6g per pod)




3-phase 5-cable, TN-S, 360~400V, 50/60Hz

Air resource

Dried & purified air, 0.3m³/min0.50.8Mpa

Control system


Machine dimension

3600x1500x2500mm (special design might have little difference)

Machine weight

2500kg  (special design might have little difference)


By 1x20 container

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