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Technical Parameters

1Top film feeding system

Aluminum & rubber driving roller

Equip the Tension controlling system

2Base film pre-treatment systemHigh efficiency heat-conductive silicon roller
3Sealing system

High accuracy watery system, speeding system, synchronization system

Match with the high efficiency heat conductive silicon sealing roller, temperature can control at ±3%

4Molding system

Mold would be designed based on customer’s requirement

Material is high grade Duralium Alloy

Process by CNC one-piece molding system, high accuracy

5Feeding systemEquip ceramic stroke plunger pump and the weight accuracy would be within 0.05g
6Vertical cutting system

Cool cutting, simple controlling system

Special steel knife, can use the four sides by turn, so the knife consumption is very low

7Horizontal cutting system

Hot cutting, accurate position

Equip the precise synchronous following control system

8Vacuum systemTop Chinese Puxu brand new model vacuum pump and AirTAC brand components, no need change the oil frequently, low noise, easy maintenance, longer life-span
9Conveyor belt

1. Outlet direction changable, can designed based on customer warehouse requirement;

2. Soft belt, no have damage to the pods

3. Belt speed is precise synchronously with the main drum

10Main bracket

1. Made from high grade stainless steel 304

2. Bearing part for main body molding system is made from heat treated hihg carbon steel, which ensures the stability of the shape

3. Stainless steel 304 and PMMA cover, easy to inspect the production

11Electrical and air components

1. Weinview screen, PLC control system and YASKAWA servo system

2. AirTAC pneumatic elements

3. Schneider electrical elements

12Professional designed controlling systemSimple interface, multi grade safety controlling, professional parameter setting system, can be modified based on customer requirements

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